Hi Dr. Richards,

A person who is sexually exhausted is most likely to have low dopamine levels since after one ejaculates their dopamine levels drop drastically.

Do you have a suggestion to safely increase dopamine levels? I’m recovering from sexual exhaustion and a feel a bit sluggish, not much interest, and my creativity has diminished. I can’t seem to get going on any activities, so I thought it might be that my dopamine is low.

Any suggestions?

Yes, overactive sexual activities lead to dopamine fluctuations through numerous conversions.

You must better your nervous and endocrine functioning, modulate inflammatory hormonal releases, and increase androgen hormone production.

For this exact purpose I would suggest using Alpha-Amino, Multi-Alpha, Alpha-AGH, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and testicle cooling.

Also, lower the frequency of sexual activities.

Doesn’t the Alpha-Amino have the same two substances that Alpha-AGH have?
I’ve read the amino acid L-Tyrosine is great for increasing Dopamine so I wanted to know if it was safe for someone suffering from sexual exhaustion to take, as it also can increase norepinephrine and I think that might be a bad thing for a sexually exhausted person.

Can I please get your input?

I’m having a tough time balancing my neurons.

thank you.

L-Tyrosine has numerous benefits. You should be careful with the dosage and combine it properly for optimal results and to avoid any side effects.

“Doesn’t the Alpha-Amino have the same two substances that Alpha-AGH have?”
The supplemental ratio of the substances, along with the individual mix is what is actually of high importance and will produce different results.