I’ve been edging a lot lately but what I notice is that the days I have low libido the edging causes heart pounding. It’s something I haven’t been experiencing 2 or 3 years ago and I tried to research the issue but can’t get to a solid conclusion. What’s a possible probability is that due to lowered androgens I have to burn during the sexual activities (explains why it happens only when I have low libido) the heart has to work harder to compensate and keep the erection. Other possibility is heightened dopamine converting into too much epinephrine but that won’t explain the low libido, since I don’t think is related to dopamine.


  1. Jojoba3

    I experience almost the same thing when I force an erection with manual stimulation. In my mind is a combination of low T. levels and bad physical shape (they go hand in hand anyway).

  2. Grand_Slam

    I had the same and in my own observations gets much better after a shower or exercise.

  3. Cartt-walm

    I’ve had the same at one point, exercise is the way. But avoid overdoing it or it may actually get worse.

    Moderate exercise and showers work.

    I’d suggest to just overall avoid edging cause it’s very harmful on numerous levels.

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