Hi Dr. Richards, Your my last hope. I’m going crazy, I’m not happy at all. Ive become insecure with myself, and its affecting every aspect of my life. I’ve also noticed that im more afraid, like of little things and things that happen around me. Its not normal, I’ve never been a person that’s frighten of things easily. My life has turned into a living hell. I’m sorry this may be a long mail but I’d feel more comfortable with your answer if I told you all the details as best I could as you will not be psychically examining me.

I have been masturbating since about 12-13 years old. It was very little in the beginning but as time past it also began to increase. From once every so often in the beginning to about 4 times a day sometimes in the later ages 18-20. I think it increased cause i was sexually frustrated. I have had sex every so often but it has never been a regular thing for me even though i feel i am very sexually hungry. My morals have never let me be with somebody just for sex, and I’ve never been able to get away from this. I’ve never had problems getting an erection or maintaining an erection for any reason before my problem took place. I could get an erection instantly (a minute or 2) after i have ejaculated and could get an erection as many times as i had energy left in me. When i was about 20-21 i started to feel some pain in my left Spermatic cord while ejaculating. Saw the doctors and at a point they told me it was swollen and gave me some tablets (cant remember the name), It passed but was back every so often.

So.. I’m away at university and live alone, very stressed cause I’m away from the miss and because of my studies. I masturbate to relief myself from sexual urges and also cause I’m so stressed because of university and it gave me a sense of relief from stress it self. I would like to give you a little history on how i was feeling before i suffered from the issue that caused me erectile dysfunction.

Some days i masturbated about 3-4 times a day. At a point i started to feel really tired, had problems sleeping (even though I’ve always had problems sleeping), not enough sleep, lack of concentration, couldn’t study for university, always too tired to even get up, felt like lying down all the time, started to be forgetful (before this my memory was very strong, would never forget anything no matter how little of importance it had). I had neck pains and lower back pains as well. My vision has got bad as well i wear glasses now’ cant see far. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the issue but i thought ill mention it in case it might. Had problems talking to people and making friends, found it hard to express myself to people when i was talking to them. (I’ve never had problems making friend before ever, i feel like I’ve always been a person that has been liked) I started to even have problems talking, i wouldn’t be able to say words i could say easily before, sometimes stuttering.

One night I’m really frustrated from no sexual activity and university stress cause I’m not able to get work done because of some of the causes above. I don’t want to masturbate cause i felt that me masturbating so much may be the cause of all the problems i suffered from. But ended up not being able to prevent myself… I got angry with myself and ended up trying to finish off as fast as possible and i was a bit rude too. Then i laid down on my front (face down) (after ejaculation) to watch a film to get my mind off of stress and sexlessness.

Then Suddenly i felt a sharp pinching type of a pain just above the penile gland in the middle ( where the glans just starts). I instantly got up and un-down my jeans and looked at it… In the spot where the pain was what looked like a clot in the vein and formed a spider web like vein around it. That actual vein wasn’t there before the pain. From then i massaged the area a lot but it still hurt every now and then that very night. I tried to urinate but it stung. It began to look dead (it just hung down)and felt cold and numb. I rubbed it and massaged it as often as possible but with the fright of doing more damage. After a day or so I felt pains on the side of my penis too (left side, towards the middle and leading to the bottom of the shaft). I was really worried and i felt like i should check if it is still working and i masturbated. I guess that was a bad idea too and the pains got worse. I left it alone from then on for about a week. But i had problems sleeping cause of the pain, i sleep face down (cant sleep any other way) and the pain in the penis caused me to wake a lot in the night.

From then on I stopped getting morning wood and had to some what psychically make myself get an erection rather than it happening automatically when i was sexually aroused. I started to ejaculate in like 30 seconds ( premature ejaculation began as well)Where I was able to last at least 20 minutes before. :(

Ive been seeing a Urologist at my local hospital for over 1.5 years. They have done Ultrasound scans, and i was told that there wasn’t any sufficient damage (i guessed that meant there wasn’t any damage that could have caused erectile dysfunction) so i left it at that. But i was still not getting erections and was suffering from pain. I had some testosterone count test and it was found that my testosterone was a little low but it wasn’t a big issue and i just needed go to the gym a bit. There was no problems with my blood test as well.

They gave me some cialis to take, I’m taking 2.5mg daily (half a 5mg tablet). I am able to get erections with as little as that. But its still hard to get a full erection while standing. Ive noticed that my penis size has become smaller when erected and bigger while at flaccid state. It also gets hard while in the flaccid state and becomes painful. I’ve also noticed that my corpus spongiosum (urethra) out line isnt visible when erected anymore, it practically disappears from like 2 inch from the base upwards. I urinate about 30 degrees to the left rather than straight like i use to. I find it hard to push urine out and always feel that there is more… which i cant get out. And Finally i have a lot of spider veins that have formed on my penis that were not there before (large and small). The doctor didn’t notice any scar forming and i haven’t too so far. But it does then bend downwards when trying to get an erection and bends towards the right from halfway of the penis every 4 months or so of which i massage back to making it straight. The skin on my penis has also seemed to thin.

Please help… :( I’m in hell. My circumstance is really affecting my life and my relationship as well i don’t want my relationship to deteriorate cause of this..Its already effected it so much already..I love the person im with and we were thinking of marriage before this problem occurred but now.. it just seems like its something she doesn’t want to talk about anymore.. Please don’t be a scam :( … Sorry if i offended you. But there are a lot of lying people on the internet just to sell their products and give false hope. Your my last hope PLEASE HELP. I want to be normal again… I want to be confident and not worry none stop about the one i love of leaving me because of my problem . PLEASE HELP ME. :*[

Physical and psychological health are interrelated. The ill over masturbation practices burned vital neurochemicals faster than the body can restore. The symptoms experienced: tiredness, insomnia, lack of concentration, memory problems, and neck and back pains are indicative of abnormal serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine, and GABA levels for improper functioning and depression. The body pains as well as spermatic cord inflammation are a direct result of excessive inflammatory response for increased local prostaglandin E2, cortisol, and even epinephrine.

Once in a state of similar imbalance, ones penis becomes easily injurable through the abnormal local levels of elasticity prostaglandin E1 E3, Nitrix Oxide, and androgens to modulate penile tissue health. Inflammatory response and collagen tissue release would be induced by masturbation alone. An excessive tissue inflammation may also severely inflame and damage veins in the area, impairing their proper functioning and worsening the condition. As in the specific case, the veins will become prominent and varicosed. The inflammation usually damages tunica albuginea or/and corpus spongiosum so the penis will rely solely on the two corpora cavernosa for erectile functioning preservation.

Such traumas should heal over time if properly addressed. Much blood flow to the area is essential for healing. There are several agents that will better sexual functions and are responsible for penile tissue health and integrity. A combination of Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, Alpha-AGH, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil will promote heightened androgen levels and elasticity prostaglandin E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide for healing. In the specific case, one should also stabilize serotonin-GABA nervous modulation on inflammatory response with 5HTP-Nettle and GRB6-GABA.

SR-Cream should be locally applied to additionally address the issue as well as possible. Any internal mild hematomas or collagen scar tissue will be dissolved.

Also, testicular cooling solutions (uBreeze) for additionally increased androgens are to be considered.

Also, beneficial will prove to be: light to moderate exercise, massages, penile hot wraps, positive attitude, negative ion exposure, and proper diet.

Glad if I could help!