I had a ton of symptoms of sexual exhaustion from years and years of over-masturbating… after two weeks of rest and taking vitamins, my memory has returned and my pain in my penis has went away… my anxiety is less but still around… but it seems that my weak erection is even weaker now and by using my hand it’s hard to get an erection and when I finally do get hard I ejaculate instantly. But if I do it again later in the day my penis gets hard quicker and seems harder. The longer I go without ejaculation the weaker my penis seems to get (but the longest I’ve gone is two weeks). I also ejaculate instantly when entering a vagina and have had premature ejaculation all my life practically. Also, after two weeks of not doing anything, and then when I’m about to ejaculate it feels like a lot is going to come out (or needs to) but only average amount does. It feels like it’s plugged or something is blocking it.

Should I get my testosterone tested?

Am I missing something I need to do to heal?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

You are sexually exhausted. Two weeks are insufficient for a notable improvement from sexual exhaustion.

Your organism is desperately trying to get you out of the ill situation you are in. Until your modulation on the stress and inflammatory hormones, along with the control over your dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion is improved, may make sure you discontinue sexual activities or anything that may promote heightened release of stress or inflammatory hormones. You may also experience additionally lowered libido for some time due to lowered levels of excitatory and inflammatory hormones (heightened levels being characteristic for PSAS related symptoms).

You experienced pains in the penis so a collagen scar forming isn’t out of the range of possibilities.

About the premature ejaculation I suggest take a look at this article.

It feels like a lot is going to come out because of an enlarged prostate.

You may want to check your testosterone levels – under 300 ng/dl would be a clear indication that your hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis is locked. However, if they do not improve after several months you may consider using Clomiphene. Note that a testosterone replacement therapy will completely kill your testicular function.

You will strongly benefit from Alpha-Amino, Multi-Alpha, Alpha-AGH , 5HTP-Nettle, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil.

You also need to completely discontinue sexual activities until notable improvements are observed.

Wish you a fast recovery!

I read L-theanine helps promote Gaba.
I’m also not sure if my prostate is swollen, because I don’t have to pee often, and my doctor told me it didn’t feel swollen. Could there be a problem with my Urethra or ejaculatory duct?

L-theanine may prove to be of assistance.
Yes, it may be a slight collagen scarring in your urethra and ejaculatory duct due to the abrasion.