Hi all,

I have been taking several herbs off and on since I was 17 which include: tribulus, maca, horny goat weed, catuaba, tongkat ali, ashwaghanda, saw palmetto, ginseng, and many others that are supposed to enhance erectile function from my understanding.

Tribulus doesn’t seem to help me the way it used to, but horny goat weed and maca still work well for me. I now know that saw palmetto reduces dht which can cause impotence and have stopped taking it for the most part unless i feel i really need it.

I need to add that saw palmetto seems to act as a good restart button, when I’ve taken too much tribulus or tongkat ali (which I feel can enlarge your testicles or shrink your testicles) and actually makes my limp penis much fuller, but I know it is responsible for me not being able to get erections some times.

I know l-arginine isn’t an herb but i take that too and find it very helpful. Also when in the limp state my penis and testicles seem to get really small, especially when I exercise which didn’t used to happen. Also I have a small varicocele on my left testicle. I had an embolization done on it a few years back but it came back to a lesser degree. Also my testicles seem to be smaller than they used to be, and my penis seems to be slightly smaller than it used to be.

I wonder if any of you here had any experience with other useful herbs and substances? What about any observations on the ones I listed?



  1. Testo

    L-Arginine is good but don’t take it in large doses for months WITHOUT any Vitamin C. One summer I suffered from constant Hyperoxia and didn’t even realize it was causing it. Once I added the Vitamin C it all went smoothly.

  2. Lama

    I’ve gone through many.Of the ones presented I have to say that Tribulus terrestris hasn’t really done it for my.The greatest success as far as T level increase is concerned was with Clomid(not actually a herb but I decided to put it).Garlic is also great,and Horny Goat Weed is also good.

  3. SteelPro

    I’ve tried Ginkgo Biloba and all it did was make my head and limbs hot.

    1. Ford

      haha,quite true.makes my head hot too.

    2. caparica007

      Gingko Biloba is for neurological issues or tired brain no? For sexual purposes?

      I can recommend you Pau D’Arco, a best seller here in my country. ;)

  4. Dawg

    I’ve seen significant improvements from just Choline and L-Tryptophan, as strange as it may seem.

  5. Best

    I’ve used Tyrosine at some point, it made me just a little bit maniacal but on the up side improved my libido like nothing I’ve ever seen.

  6. Testo

    I should also add that Taurine has actually helped me a bit, too. I know it’s not commonly used for similar purpose but I’ve noticed the strange effect on me.

  7. MMA

    Nettle used to help me a lot during tough times. This site has one of the best nettles I’ve ever used.

  8. Titouan

    I would recommend ALA (alpha lipoic acid) and rutin, I seem to get fast results from those. Soya lecithin may also be helpful. Sinq is a must also some selenium wouldn’t hurt.

    1. Man-o-Man

      Soya lecithin? Man, do you really think soya is a good idea, I mean.. at all?

    2. Titouan

      Soya lecithin is an excellent brain food. It also increases ones ejaculation volume considerably. But I too dont use it regularly because it originates from soya. Few months a year only, but I do believe its a powerful supplement.

  9. zab zab

    I’m very happy with common nettle, has really done wonders.

  10. ChaosChaos

    You used lots of herbs friend, you should let your organism rest and produce testosterone naturally. It’s the same thing with steroids if you abuse them after you end a cycle your testosterone production will decrease or even stop in some severe cases. Take a break from all those supplements, maybe every 6 months, and you will be fine.

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