Hi Dr.Richards:
I’ve been like many other suffering from exhaustion for about 6 years due to over masturbation. I have been to the doctor many times, with blood tests, ultrasounds, MRIs, and all came back positive. Liver Function, kidneys are all in good health. I’ve lost confidence in myself, and just shy towards everyone, with little or no interest of pursuing something. Seminal Leakage is another problem I’m¬†experiencing, my eye floater and I have hard time reading as it drains my energy. Dr.Richards I am in desperate need for answers, and will greatly appreciate your help to restoring my life back to normal.

Mark, the shyness, lost confidence, and lack of energy are mainly related to abnormal dopaminergic function.
A combination of Multi-Alpha, Alpha-AGH, Alpha-Amino, Ultra-Purified-FishOil, and testicle cooling should restore proper nervous and endocrine functioning, balance acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, GABA levels, lower inflammatory response, better hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-testicular function, increase androgens and energy, balance sympathetic functions, and increase prostaglandins E1 E3 and Nitric Oxide.

Also, balanced diet, exercise, and positive attitude will help.

Sexual activities are to be avoided for 2 to 4 weeks.