HayoZ!So, I’ve been trying to enlarge my member but have been really careful about it. I’ve tried to increase my androgens to diminish the chance of it getting injured, I take anti-inflammatory herbs, and I do warm-up my penile tissues before each jelqing and stretching session.

However, I used an IR lamp for a while for my penile warm-ups,then I’ve read how the IR radiation penetrates so much deeper into the tissue than the visible light,that it may possibly cause harmful internal heating (even of the testicles which are generally not THAT close) and fertility problems down the road.

There are people stating that it relaxes their tissues better than the other methods since it penetrates deeper. However, I think this may be a double edged sword and have seen people stating it out.

Note that I”m not sure if it’s a fact and would like to know if anyone uses similar appliances? I’ve currently switched to an electric heat pad for the time being.

So, what do you thing guys?

/Jake Sandler/


  1. Rand Paul

    Better stick with the option you currently use.
    I would be slow to mess around with that infrared stuff.
    You never know what could happen.

  2. Uther-the-lightbringer

    Nah, it’s probably cool. A friend used it for years (and still does) and is still well healthy and kicking :D

  3. dieselfitdieselfit

    I do believe there were studies done on heat applied to testicles and lowered fertility rates and you said you somehow can’t contain the IR heat (which is strange but I’ve heard other similar stories). I would not want to take the risk without being 110% confident about it. If you have experience as you said your friend was fine, then it should be fine. Everyone is different though so something that doesn’t negatively effect someone else, doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe for you.

  4. Isopropanol

    Stay away from anything infrared!

    And it is even more harmful for the testicles. Studies have indeed shown that exposing the testicles to a lot of heat (such as taking frequent hot baths) has a negative influence on your fertility. We’re not even mentioning the supposed mutations as a result of the chronic exposure to infrared heat.

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