I have recently began to experience an irregular shooting pain in the shaft of my penis. I have not had sex in over half a year and have not had any other symptoms e.g. Burning itching rash bumps sores lesions aches pains etc… And I have not felt this until now. From time to time growing up I felt this pain but never so frequently. I find that the pain increase after drinking alcohol and/or ejaculation (no pain during intercourse before or after ejaculation only after masturbation) my doctor says it’s nothing to worry about probably just a uti and prescribed me an antibiotic but after 5 days I have seen no results. Is this common in males uncircumcised? Or circumcised?



  1. Gray Ambush

    I have to say it’s not that common, lol. Seriously, though, if it doesn’t go away better go see another doctor. It’s probably nerve-tissue related, imho.

  2. LL3FB2

    Shooting pain in the shaft, and out of nowhere? It certainly sounds nerve tissue related but it may be something else. Better go scan it, although chances of finding anything there would be around 30%. (soft tissue scans are not that effective but it’s better to give it a shot).

    It could definitely show the more dense collagen scars.

  3. Brewer

    Bladder infection, urinary tract infection, kidney stones. Get checked for those.

  4. themusicaldemocrat

    Keep taking the antibiotic. What type of doctor did you see? You should definitely go see a Urologist. Although there’s a limited number of possibilities…especially if you have been abstinent for the last six months. If prior activities were risky sexually, you may get an STD test. Either way, a Urologist will go through all of these options.

  5. Oberon

    I agree take the pills and see a specialist. This kind of pain is not normal and you shoot also abstain from sex until the pain is gone. See an Urologist to rule out some of the more probable reasons.

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