Hello, 27 old male that was treated for breast cancer for a period of 10 weeks. I was treated with femara 2.5 mg daily and this medication killed my Estradiol levels completely, along with it my sex drive too. And still a year and a half later I’m suffering from weak erections and very low sex drive, I’d say 10% of what is used to be. Just had my blood tests and what is obvious is that my Estradiol levels are extremely low. I’m hopeful that will be able to eventually sort this condition out and cure myself but don’t know from where to begin. I’d love to hear any suggestion.



  1. [GG]Topper

    Sounds bad, I didn’t even know that men can get breast cancer :o I guess it’s pretty obvious that in order to function properly an organism must be balanced. Estrogen may be a female hormone but men need it just as bad in proper amounts. You should check other vital hormones before deciding how to act. It’s important to also know your Testosterone, DHT, DHEA, hGH levels and more.

  2. V_V

    It’s quite surprising you’re suffering from low estradiol leves since everything we eat is filled with estrogens and analogues.Eating from plastic bags and drinking milk is enough to skyrocket your estrogen.

  3. Hegel

    Oh man, anti-cancer treatments can screw your organism’s balance so bad you will suffer from the consequences for years to come.

    You’ll be stucked into a deranged organism functioning for months or years and that’s to be expected. You should try to fix your neuroplasticity in a gradual manner by adding useful practices and tilting it in your favor.

    Take care!

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