Hi lately I have been experiencing some stiffness and pain maybe from over masturbating I think. I started masturbating and watching porn a lot starting a few years ago and I notice the more I do it,I felt like I was getting weaker mentally and physically. I would get up the next morning with stiffness and pain in neck and chest, low back and spine pain, and my vision would be really blurry and a headache that would last for some days to a week. Is this all coming from masturbating too much? Do I need to stop masturbating for a while?

Yes, overactive sexual activities may and will cause every one of the listed symptoms.
You may want to go over this article.

Such activities will consume too much neurotransmitters and neurohormones and will leave your organism depleted, in an ongoing never ending cycle of inflammation.

Yes, you should discontinue masturbation practices for a period of time.

also I forgot to mention now I have ibs along with the feeling that I need to masturbate, its like my penis is constantly in heat and needs to ejaculate, is that also coming from too much masturbation


Excessive local levels of prostaglandin E2 may lead to these exact symptoms.