Over the years I have lost over an inch of length as it turned out! This is my journal of penile size restoration.

I’m gonna begin with hot wraps to possibly restore tissue constriction. Next I’ve ordered weights and may start jelqing. Of course not simultaneous y to avoid injuries. Gonna fix my diet up and try to improve upon my overall lifestyle.

Will keep you update! Anyone who’s suffering from the same or has any useful advice is welcome to join the thread!



  1. kevin8624

    As weird as it sounds I use a photo journal to track my progress. Pictures help me see where I am at better than just looking at numbers or entries.

  2. Ricardo187

    I’ve never heard of penis getting smaller over the time.. Can you explain how does it happen? I mean, it’s very weird. Couldn’t it be an erection problem where you’re not being able to get full erect?

    Looking forward to an answer..

    1. briggsbriggs

      Yo Ricardo, man. It’s simple, much male androgen hormones are needed to keep the testicular tissues healthy.. you guess for yourself what happens when you start lacking such.. well tissues shrivel and become the hard flaccid and other phenomenons.

  3. Kwizkey

    How on earth does this happen? Your penis shrinks?? And what methods do you use for increasing it’s size?

    1. Fancy

      I believe he was not serious when he said that his penis shrank. I have never heard anyone mention such a weird thing before. I wonder where on earth do this happen how do it happen for what reason.

  4. Lostvalleyguy

    The only similar thing that I have heard of is apparent size loss. This is due to a gain in fat around the pelvic region. The distance between the tip of the penis and the pelvis is shorter because the fat has pushed the skin forward. If you have gained weight in this area, that is probably what is going on.

  5. Daimashin

    I don’t have the issue, touch wood so in no way I can understand how you feel. I do however know that this is serious business for men so I wish you good luck and may you get the results you’re looking for. If it was me, I’ll probably use a measuring tape to keep track of any changes.

  6. Face-Bro-Yo

    It’s hard to restore size since it’s usually the very nature of the tissue that has changed. So, logically you can restore the size if you actually enlarge the elastic tissue, but not by restoring the old tissue. or at least would be easier to do so.

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