Hello doctor. I’m 28 years old male. I started masturbation at 6 (not kidding) and since then I’ve done it on a regular basis. It was good in the beginning but after some time I started to feel exhausted, it became worse after some when I started to feel my legs shaky and my mind absent after masturbation. I became extremely lazy person and wouldn’t wish to do simple things like going out with the buddies, instead I would just sit home perfectly happy – masturbate and play video games, of course this would lead to even more masturbation and video games. This continued for years and years.

Around 22 I started to experience more severe problems like – extremely fast ejaculation (I can cum for 30 seconds, seriously), noticeable bad memory, shaky-weak legs for hours after I’ve cummed, hair loss, and anxious feeling in my guts all day long. 4 months ago I suspected the over-masturbation to be the root of the problems and went to urologist, he told me that it is possible this to be the root of the problems, and I need to reduce the frequency of masturbation. He wasn’t interested even the slightest and did not prescript anything, it was more like – aha yes it is possible, bye-bye. So I started quitting masturbation for longer periods, now I’ve been off for 2 months but I’m not improving. Why is that?

Ejaculation is not a simple process that just leads to minor symptoms like tiredness for a day, just to have them resolved upon discontinuation. It is much more serious and numerous neurochemical reactions are taking place during this activity.

The burning of excessive androgen hormones and neurochemicals during sexual activities will lead to increased pleasure – that is good for your health. However, in today’s societies the people are overburning them to the point where the chemistry of the cerebrospinal fluid is severely affected as a result. If the CS fluid contains insufficient androgen hormones and neurochemicals, your nervous system and internal organ functions will fail to function properly. One will experience unstable biochemical balance that will cause all kind of strange symptoms. Once the body reaches the sexual exhaustion state, it will be very difficult for your exhausted liver and parasympathetic nervous functions to produce healing power to reverse it.

1.Discontinue any sexual activity for 1 to 3 months.
2.Keep a balanced diet and start exercising.
3.Boost the rejuvenation time with Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, 5HTP-Nettle, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil.
4.Make good use of devices to reliably increase your androgens by testicle temperature regulation.
5.Stay positive to avoid any additional stress hormones release.

This will jump start the healing process.

You’re a life saver DR. RICHARDS! Just 2 weeks after starting the old program I become full of energy so the sitting infront of video games became unacceptable options. Started going to the clubs and became more “pumped”, it is actually there where I found my new girlfriend and the recent I think that the ME of the past was not myself at all, so yea, thanks for bringing me back to life and I don’t plan on stopping taking them in the near future either!