After a jelquing injury about 2 months ago, I lost a lot of sensation in my penis head and shaft. I have the most feeling in the head and the skin below it, with the shaft being almost completely numb to light touch although I can feel cold or pressure. My testicles have lost a lot of sensation and also hang lower than they used to, although this has improved a lot over the last few months. This all occurred after one jelqing session of 15 minutes in length, and I will never jelq again.

I have ordered SR cream and my main concern is to regain sensation in my penis and hopefully testicles although I’m far more concerned with my penis. I am guessing there is some type of nerve damage.

Can anyone who has used the SR cream for numbness comment on it? Would I be able to use it on my testicles? My understanding is that it can be used on the entire penis as well.


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