I’m 38 years old and 8 months ago my partner was experimenting with a vacuum penis enlargement device we purchased at a novelty shop. The penis was placed into the device and was pumped up to heighten the pressure and suddenly I felt a tearing sensation in my penis. It’s difficult to describe, it was as if the soft tissues inside tore but without any significant pain. After the incident I immediately removed it from the pump and there was no bruising. The days after proved I just felt it’s sore and didn’t see any bruising whatsoever (still). However, since that time I have had a numb penis and difficulty erecting. Actually I’ve lost the ability to get erections by visual thought.

The main concern is that the libido is shot as well, which I find quite baffling. Why would my libido be affected by physical injury on the penis??



  1. Testo

    Out of the top of my head – may be the organisms way to prevent you from using your penis until it’s healed. I’m not sure how it works, though.

    1. Miguel_R

      I agree. Just take it easy man, let it heal, use some anti-inflammatories.

  2. 12-85-ZZ

    Actually if you have similar to mine phenotype you may have sustained serious injury and still not get that much swelling. When I injured my knee and ankle super bad I had no swelling at all but the actual injury was dreadful, even after the restoration operation the doctor said this was one of the more serious cases. So swelling is not indicative of the seriousness of the situation in some cases. I suggest to wait just a bit longer and go see a specialist it if there is no improvement.

  3. JoyT

    It’s usually rare but sexual desire can fluctuate according to your physical condition (in this instance the injury you sustained). Think about it.. would you feel hungry if your stomach and intestines are injured.. yes but you will definitely have diminished hunger. Same is happening here.

    Take it slow, use some natural oils and let it heal. Hopefully no scar tissue will appear.

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