So I have been diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease. I was stupid enough to jelq to no end and stretch on top of it. I cringe at the though of my stupidity but alas here I am with a fucking twist in the penis, no sensitivity, weak erections, and firm flaccid penis.

So I went to numerous urologists and they basically told me to do nothing or use vitamin e cream.

The last urologist, though, suggested I use Serracor-NK for the scar tissue.

I’ve read of some side effect possibilities and possibly scar tissue breaking and spreading (which would make matters worse arguably). So I was wondering what do you guys think?

Is it safe to give it a try? Does it work?



  1. V_V

    It’s the weaker option. Neprinol remains far more effective.

  2. Markus

    You guys both must be insane for considering hardcore pharma synthetic drugs and gels as a possible solutions to a natural problem. Stay the f away from both Serracor-NK and Neprinol if you value your health and penis, man.

    1. John_C_C (Author)

      Maybe I’ll do just that, but how should I treat my condition. I’m out of options here.

    2. Markus

      The smart thing to do would be to apply vitamin e as some of the urologists have told you. It really helps. Be sure to hot-cold temperature wrap your penis as it also helps with the scar dissolution. And the biggest thing to consider here would be SR Cream. This thing is magic and has worked well for countless guys in this forum. It has like 7-9 active anti-inflammatory ingredients (7 herbs) and is almost all natural.

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