Hello doctor Richards..

I hesitated a lot before writing my story, where my symptoms were so light and insignificant until my case started to worsen and becomes more serious with time

I will try to summarize my case

When I reached 15 I over-masturbated ( 12 or 15 time in a single month)…and I repeated this act when I was 16 in a single month where I started to feel pain in my groin and my anus and it lasted for 3- 4 months ( I also had pains when I ejaculate or have a nocturnal emission)also I had :-
1- Severe back pains
2- Pain in the testis
3- Depression
4-Fatigue that last for one week or more
5-weak erection \ weak nocturnal erection
6- Bone pain (knees and joints)

Anyway, I managed to recover from these symptoms with practicing abstinence and trying to indulge in other activities just to overpass the negativity, and I did very well.

On 2007, I returned to masturbation with low frequency and notice that my semen become watery and lost it stickiness…I continued my abstinence from the 2nd quarter of 2007 till the first of 2008 and I noticed that I have got and allergy in my foot (eczema) and my stress levels where very high because of my surrounding environment.
Moreover,on 2009 I was so stressed and this led me to over masturbate ( 12 -15 time) in January, I stopped for 2 months and then over masturbate again in June of that year and in this situation my case become more complicated where I started to have:-

1- Weak erection
2- Bone pain
3- Muscle pains
4- Severe Hair loss all through my body
5- Anxiety and stress
6- headache , where I feel burning in my head that lasts for 1-2 hours after I wake up from my sleep
7- Dizziness and foggy brain
8- Laziness and Fatigue

Anyway, I did some of the Urine test because I use to get a cloudy urine for 3-6 second when I urinate and the result where:-

** An acidic action , and the presence of Amorphous Urates**
I did some blood test and here are the figures:-
1-Albumin:RESULT 4.86
RANGE: 3.5-5
RANGE: 0.7-1.2
3-TSH : RESULT 2.9
RANGE: 0.27-4.2
4-FSH : RESULT 2.6
RANGE : 1.5-12.4
5-LH: RESULT 6.29
RANGE :1.7-8.6
RANGE : 9.9-27.8
RANGE 4.6-21.4

I was then diagnose from the endocrinologist to have hypothyroidism , when I resulted the test again my TSH levels where out of the range.My sugar level is a bit high where the fating glucose level is always at 107 or 105. I was then told to reduce my sugars in my diet.

Right now, with my thyroid medicine I take:-
Grape seed extract 50mg
Multivitamin 1 tablet a day
Fish oil ( not to frequent)
Amino acid blend

My Question are:-
1- How can I overcome these symptoms?
2- What is the reason of my sense of burning in my head?
3- What is the reason of my Cloudy Urine?
4- What is the good diet I should follow, any supplements or food?
Thanks In advance Doctor Richard…


Fifteen times a month at that age is usually not considered over masturbation. However, through different gene expressions, lifestyle, and environmental factors, may have had a negative impact on your health.

“How can I overcome these symptoms?”

We shouldn’t neglect the diagnosed hypothyroidism as a possible cause for many of the symptoms described. May I ask of the exact thyroid medicine you’re currently taking?

“What is the reason of my sense of burning in my head?”

There are many possible causes. However, in sexually exhausted individuals, it is usually through the heightened excitatory and inflammatory prostaglandin E2 levels in the brain, as well as the improper modulation on inflammatory response.

“What is the reason of my Cloudy Urine?”

Again, there are many possible causes.

“What is the good diet I should follow, any supplements or food?”

You may want to avoid much red meat, milk with prostaglandin E2 analogs, soy, refined sugar, and fructose syrup. However, you may consider consulting a dietologist for a more specific advice.

Glad if I could help!