I’ve had enough with my foul ways and will be discontinuing burdensome masturbation practices. I don’t believe masturbation should be much avoided but I do believe that additional practices to it make it much more dangerous. Edging being one of them, has to go.

I invite everyone practicing it to discontinue and possibly write if it proved to be a positive change.

Edging is particularly bad (ref: https://vimeo.com/115821599). So I will be discontinuing it forever. I strongly urge you guys to join my initiative. Together we are strong.

Any observations and advice to how to successfully stop doing the practice will be very welcomed.



  1. [Duck-_-Bill3]

    I’ve been edging from time to time and get the best orgasms ever.The thing I notice after,though,is that the testicles feel slightly inflamed and the recovery time from sessions increases.So,indeed,it must be used only occasionally.

  2. Barry

    edging and kegels are the worst thing you can do, excluding those ill practices that some monks use to ejaculate inside their organism, they do top the cherry.

  3. Takatak

    I’ve been edging with a massaging machine lately, it’s a real blast and I’ve had the best orgasms ever.

    That being said, I do feel “out of juice” for days after so I will be joining the initiative for the time being.. and maybe forever later down the road.

    PS After watching the video about it, it will be forever.

  4. jcairns82

    I thought edging was good for learning control or have I been misinformed I admit.

    I will be stopping too after reading the horror stories around the internet.

  5. BrianWolfe

    I always found edging to be a great way to increase stamina and to make me last longer while having sex. Your sessions can be as long as you want them to be. I’ve noticed that it now takes me a while to reach orgasm and my partner actually enjoys this.

    To each his own, I guess.

  6. igorrsobral

    I’ve been edging since I was 13 and didn’t even know what that meant.
    Now that’s crazy.

  7. Baneiryzo

    I too believe edging is one of the practices that abuses the organism the most. I have seen other threads about it and people really seem to be struggling with both the effects and the possible discontinuation. Nice to see somebody fixated on it and intentionally setting his mind to stopping.
    Good luck!

    1. BradrgaBradrga

      This is what I’ve done for years and I can assure you that it did me no good either.

  8. briggsbriggs

    Yea, edging is basically multiple orgasms. I’ve recently given it much thought and it can be categorized as the total abuse. Quite surprising there is still that notion that it can be helpful for ejaculation control, which is completely incorrect imo. As far as I’m concerned edging is 100% harmful without any positive side whatsoever.

    1. BradrgaBradrga

      100% agreed. Edging hasn’t ever done anything good for me. Yeah, an orgasm after an edging session may seem to feel better but it doesn’t really. The only reason we get into thinking this way is because ANYTHING that concludes upon being long and arduous “takes the weight off” – so to speak – so you’re just kinda happy it’s over. It has nothing to do with orgasmic intensity – that’s all plain bullshit.

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