I suffer from Sexual Exhaustion and have at least ten or more of the symptoms. A big one for me is loss of thought and memory problems. I just can’t seem to think of what I want to say. I also have major premature ejaculation and weak erections.

I went to my nature path and after testing me with his machine, told me my brain needed Gaba and Citicoline(to increase my Acetylcholine.)

Does this sound about right? He told me I didn’t need 5-HTP.
Your site is amazing and has been really helpful. Thank you so very much.
I hope after 25 years of doing damage to my body I’ll be able to repair it.
If there is anything else you think I might need please let me know.

Thanks again.

I’m sorry to hear about your problems.
Since you suffer from more than 10 symptoms I would guess that you have chronically discharged your acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and GABA nervous systems, resulting in brain’s nervous, liver, and endocrine disorders. Much can be said, but let’s get specific about the symptoms that seem to bother you the most.

You were rightfully prescribed GABA and Citicoline, but I’m at a loss to why they told you that you didn’t need 5-HTP, since your second major symptom is premature ejaculation.

The neurotransmitter serotonin plays a central role in modulating ejaculation. Low levels of serotonin in the synaptic cleft (in the brain) is very likely to cause premature ejaculation. This is exactly why SSRIs – selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, which increase serotonin level in the synapse, are somewhat used to treat PE. However, since you are said not to have abnormal levels (which is somewhat strange considering your symptoms) I would not suggest you to take any 5-HTP.

Generally speaking, a balanced neurotransmitter/hormone ratio is crucial. If you alter one, you may as well expect a chain reaction, altering the others as well. In order to heal from 25 years of accumulated damage, one would need a huge amount of patience and determination.

I’d suggest to:

Discontinue every ill practice – drug abuse, over-masturbation, over-ejaculation. In fact in your condition is is crucial to discontinue them completely for a few months.

Treat yourself well and use your time wisely – concentrate and picture yourself well and healthy again. Take showers, massages. After you feel better go do some light exercising to burn out harmful substances in your blood and increase synthesis of HGH and other various vital hormones.

Use supplemental support to give your organism everything it needs to initiate the process of healing – Multi-Alpha, Alpha-Amino, 5HTP-Nettle, and Ultra-Purified-FishOil.

You may want to consider making good use of devices to optimize androgen levels by testicle temperature regulation.
You should also avoid negative or/and angry thoughts, due to the possibility of additional epinephrine and cortisol release.

Thank you very much for the information. I greatly appreciate it.
I have a few more questions:

Is taking Nutra-Sea Omega3 (EPA&DHA) a good source of fishoil?

I’m also going to take a multi-B-vitamin… Gaba… Citicoline,and I’m going to get tested for 5-HTP one more time just to make sure I don’t need it. (although I was on Luvox for about 3 years and Paxil about 4 years and those only helped a tiny, tiny bit).

Also: Just in case there is anything else you need to add here are my exact symptoms:

Obsessive and Compulsive thoughts
Anxiety and Panic attacks
Memory loss
Watery semen
Less concentration
Depression and nervous mood
Frequent urination or urinary urgency
Sleep disorders – insomnia or hypersomnia
Fatigue, laziness or loss of interest
Irritability and short temper
Paranoia or losing confidence on everything.
Muscle tension or cramp
Low Back and buttock muscle pain.

Hopefully I can keep my spirits up as I’m usually a negative thinker and feel down and out all the time. Working from home doesn’t help because I don’t get to socialize very much. I am going to start going to the gym again and hopefully that helps.

To be honest, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have premature ejaculation… it has just gotten worse and worse over the years. I have obsessive thinking… my brain is working on overload — I have to be careful taking citicoline as it works as an uppper and I’m already full of anxiety and high strung.

I’m taking at least one month off, hopefully I can go for two.. but it’ll be tough considering I’m addicted to ejac. I also have shy bladder where I cannot use pubic washrooms or pee if someone is outside the door. Maybe this has something to do with it as well. Penis size may have something to do with it as well (I’m a grower) and worry if someone will judge me. (although I fine with the length of my penis when it’s erect).

Thanks again for all your help.. and if you have any new thoughts on the new info I provided you with I’d love to hear it.

Curtis, I’m glad you found this information useful. It is my personal desire do inform the people about the dangers of over-active sexual activity. I’ve personally seen the ill consequences many, many times.

As for your question – Nutra-Sea Omega3 seems a fairly good source of FishOil.

There is a huge difference, though, between taking Luvox, Paxil and having normal levels of Serotonin.

I’m doing some adjustments and will soon update “Symptoms of Sexual Exhaustion” with precise information on the matter. Your symptoms are all present and will be explained in a more detailed fashion.

I see that you are determined to change your life, and you will.
Wish you a fast recovery.

Thanks for the updates. The breakdown really helps.
Just to be clear… you stated:

“The solution is to help your neuro-endocrine function and stabilize your serotonin and GABA nervous modulation on the Fight or Flight responses. You must also recharge your parasympathetic nervous system and boost your prostaglandin E-1 , E-3, oxytocin and Nitric Oxide production for healing.”

1)So to fix the above one should take Serotonin and Gaba plus Balance point for Men, fish oild and stop sexual attivity for about two months or so?

2) Will rest cause penis shrinkage to go back to normal?

3) Is taking 5-HTP to boost serotonin totally different than taking Luvox, Paxil..etc. I used to be on Paxil and it slowed my thinking process down greatly and had me searching for words all the time. I don’t want to take 5-HTP if it’s going to do the same thing.

4) What is the best neurotransmitter test to find out what one is lacking? Blood?
These are my final questions and hopefully you will respond and they I can start the process of healing.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

1) Yes – this covers the basics. You’re experiencing numerous symptoms of sexual exhaustion, though, which means that the road to recovery won’t be so fast. Remember, it took you years to create the negative neuroplasticity you’re describing, so when reversing the effects you should be patient. Improvements are to be observed in a few months, but my guess is that you won’t be healed completely. Having the right attitude is of great importance.

Neurotransmitters are the messengers carrying messages from neuron to neuron, while vitamins and minerals are needed to convert ordinary amino acids into neurotransmitters. The formula above will be of a huge assistance in reversing the ill effects of over-active sexual activities, but you have to be conscious about what you do. You should have proper diet too, in your case in addition to the up-stated solution, you can add and peanuts, liver, meat, fish, milk (without any prostaglandin analogs) and vegetables.

It is also very important not to engage in any sexual activity for the time being. After the second month you may ejaculate once, and keep it once monthly for two more months. Then gradually return to normal – two times per month the next, three times per month, four times per month. You should observe notable improvements, but if you experience some of the symptoms again you should reduce the sexual activity.

2) Yes, your penis shrinkage will go back to normal after you stabilize your once considered proper biochemistry.

3)Taking 5-HTP is totally different. Luvox and Paxil are serotonin inhibitors. When the brain sends a messages they are passed between the nerve cells with the help of the chemical synapse(a gap between the cells). The sender cell releases neurotransmitters in the gap. These neurotransmitters are recognized by the receptors of the recipient cell. Some of the neurotransmitters are lost in this process, the others are released and taken up by special monoamine transporters into the sending cell and the process is called re-uptake. SSRI inhibit the reputake of serotonin, resulting in the serotonin not being taken up by the monoamine transporters and basically overstaying in the gap, thus stimulating the receptors of the recipient cell again and again. Various problems will then occur as a side effects. High levels of serotonin will not only activate postsynaptic receptors but will flood the autoreceptors which are the feedback sensor. These auto-receptors, of course, will signal for serotonin production discontinuation. There is much more to it, but you can see now why these drugs can be so addictive after a period of time – in order to feel right you will need them again and again, due to the, in actuality, severely lowered levels of serotonin.

The 5-HTP on the other hand is a direct precursor of serotonin.

4)There are different ways to evaluate neurotransmitter imbalances, the standard ones are urine or blood sample.

Thanks for the info, Doc. I greatly appreciate it.

I have to be careful though because I already feel my brain working overload and I think it might be that I’ve been on Citicoline for a month now. I don’t want to over do it as neurons fluctuate quickly, right? Someting I’m taking, either B vitamin, Citicoline, Gaba.. is making my brain buzz. so i’m going to lay off the citicoline and see if that helps, my thinking has gotten stronger already so maybe I’ve had enough. I normally high strung so citicoline is like a stimulant to me.

You shouldn’t take too much Citicoline, it may be wise to lower the dosage.


So far my body feels a bit better but my brain is giving me all sorts of messed up feelings. If someone has been ejaculating every day for a long time and all of a suddens stops, is there a withdrawal effect? I’m very irritable and depressed feeling… no love for the wife or for life itself. Maybe taking Gaba and citicoline has already made some changes, or maybe my brain is so used to getting a giant dopamine shot every night and now it’s craving it, going through withdrawal.
Any thoughts?

Yes! You are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. And – yes, the body is craving for its dopamine shot.
Insufficient Serotonin-GABA nervous modulation on the dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion you will have your nervous control blown up.
The symptoms will pass.

Hopefully it won’t take too long for my symptoms to pass as I’m having very negative, dispiriting thoughts.


Hello, just wanted to check in and say I’ve gone three weeks without ejaculating and have had a few bumps along the way. I feel very anxious sometimes when I have the urge but eventually it goes away… I get the feeling that I would still suffer from premature ejaculation but my memory and other things are better. I noticed in some new threads you’ve told people to rest a month but I was originally told to rest two months, try it out, and then rest another month. Is this still what I should do because I’ve suffered from exhaustion for a long time? I wish I would have stopped when I was just getting pain while ejaculating, but instead I continued until loss of erection occurred.
thanks, doc.

Curtis, glad to hear from you.
Yes, 25 years of exhaustion is a long time and will be difficult to recover and rewrite the negative neuroplasticity for only a month of abstinence. However, you may gradually start returning to normal functioning and see if you feel better.

(One Month)
Hi Dr Richards,
I’ve only ejaculated once within a month and although my package feels better (looser with better blood flow) I still can’t get an erection without fondling stimulation and I’ve just recently been getting a burning feeling when urinating, and have the feeling of needing to pee several times throughout the night. Last night it burned more than normal so I spread open the hole to my penis and it looked red inside. Could I have a bladder or Urethra infection? My testicles seem to change shape ever so often. One day they can be small, then average… and when I was getting the burning feeling last night and red penis hole my testicle were very big. This morning they are feeling normal again. I would really like to get your opinion? (I waiting to here back from a blood and urine test for liver/kidney and whatever else from my doctor. Maybe something will show up.)

thank you, sir.

One more thing.. also notice that other than my first trip to the washroom in the morning, my urine is usually pretty clear, and not yellow.

I just wish I would have stopped sexual activity when I had pain ejaculating, instead I carried on until I couldn’t get an erection.

Just feels like there is something else wrong than just exhaustion. Slight burning while urinating, red hole, constant feeling of having to pee, especially at night.

another symptom is easy release of stool accompanied with some burning and slight rawness.

thanks again.

Curtis, there might be inconsistencies with the healing process through numerous feedback mechanisms but should fade away. You are most probably still suffering from excessive excitatory and inflammatory prostaglandin E2 levels through the negative neuroplasticity and the years of abuse.

Okay, so I should just stay positive, try not to stimulate myself, and after a while these symptoms should lesson more and more until they go away? I know my nervous system is going crazy and my feet burn and if i get aroused just slightly I feel semen trying to make its way to ejaculate. In fact, it might be withdrawal, because the symptoms seemed to go away for about a week after I ejaculated that one time. Maybe my body is so use to ejaculating every day for 20 years that now it’s not getting it and my nervous system has gone haywire. Hopefully with time this will pass.

Tough stuff to overcome, but my brain is stronger and my anxiety has lesson greatly so I’m staying positive. Just wish my nervous system would relax.

thank you so much for helping me. I feel my life is going to turn around soon. :-)

(Hitting the 3 week period)
Hi Doc,
I’m really having a hard time getting past the 3 week period. Not ejaculating is really got my nervous system jacked up. My feet get cold with a burning sensation, and I’m really anxious and can’t sleep with tingle sensation going through my body. I tried getting massages to calm down, but rubbing my feet or back for more than five minutes in one area can make me feel like I’m going to ejaculate without erection.

Is this just withdrawal? I’ve been ejaculating every day for 15 years so is now my nervous system going nuts without it? As soon as I ejaculate once my entire body feels better, and is good for at least a week and then the symptoms start to creep back.

Should I see a neurologist, or is this just a reaction that is going to happen for a while until my nervous system gets over its addiction? This is tough to do, but I want so badly to get over this… I’m just a bit scared because sometimes at the three week period I even get sharp pains in my head. I sometimes feel a bit sick to my stomach after taking all my pills, don’t think my stomach likes amino acid that much.

I’ve been taking citicoline and also 500mg of L-Argine a day.. is it possible these items or maybe something else is stimulating my nervous system while I’m going through cold turkey?

Yes, it is possible to experience numerous symptom fluctuations. Should avoid large quantities of L-Arginine alone without any backing supplements.

Since you start to experience the ill symptoms after a weak, I suggest to just set the masturbation frequency once a weak for some time and later make further adjustments.