I’ve been having these symptoms since at least 2005.

I am 27 year old male now.

I started mastrubating around the time that i was 15, and loved it. I ended up doing it every day, and over time i started feeling weird like I wasnt myself, i figured i was just depressed, so i kept on doing it.

Eventually I used masturbating as a drug, and sometimes did it 5+ times a day, at least 3 times every day for years.

I developed constipation (which i still have).

Over the years i had eye floaters, which i asked a doctor about and they suggested that it was normal, and i went on with my life. Also had sleep problems, and an extreme inability to being hot. (sweat, angry, irritated).

in 2002 (i was 18) my eyes seemed to become super dry, and became very light sensitive, around this time i also became very tired all the time.

I started going to the doctor, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with my blood work, but heard weird problems with my chest and thought i may have a thymus gland disorder, which turned out to be false,. So he suggested that i was depressed.

Soon after i also developed dry mouth, and concentration problems. i’d be watching a movie or tv, and be unable to follow along.

Other ares of my body started to dry out, such as free, scalp, dry skin all over, etc..

My ears started to be super sensitive to sound, especially high treble, and would ring all the time. Sometimes after masturbating (few hours later maybe) they’d ring REALLY loud for hours or days.

Soon after i developed weird thinking and memory problems. I could meet someone, and not remember their face, or someone could say something to me and i’d totally not remember what they said, which was freaky. All the major memory and thinking problems started after i had a week long bad headache in 2004. I still masturbated though.

I went to the doctor then, they took blood and a catscan and said everything was fine.

My symptoms continued to get worse, but seemed to slowly, nothing major pops up.

So i continue trying to live my life, which is very hard with this headache and brain fog.

sometime in 2006 i masturbated like 9+ times that day for some weird reason, i remember being so very sleepy after wards, and i literally slept for 2-3 days. Friends would come over to get me to do things, and i just couldn’t stay away.
I’d wake up for period of like 5-10 min at a time and fall right back to sleep, during one of these wake ups, i got high anxiety over being so sleepy, and forced myself to stay awake.

Ever since then my brain fog has been worst, and its so bad time seems to go by much faster. it’s weird to explain.

After this episode i started going to the doctor again, and they did blood tests, and got lazy and suggested i was just depressed again.

So i pretty much lost all hope in finding my cause, or trusting doctors.

I notice lately that if i masturbate i get REALLY bad cold chills afterwards. this only started happening in the past few years.
Also is tarted to get these cold chills when i urinate. Everytime.

Also i seem to shake now after i masturbate, like a violent body shake, doesnt last for long, i think its connected to the cold chills.

I wouldn’t stay that im very depressed or anything right now. Honestly I don’t think i can get depressed for as fogged up as my head is.

Now i seem to have headaches and migraines that last for weeks, along with constant floaters, and the brain fog is always worst when i have the headache.

I don’t think i have joint pain, i do have weird burning muscle pain which comes off as a burn that happens randomly. But its not a major problem.
my major problem is the brain fog, it doesn’t let me be myself.

I haven’t had testicle or any pain down there for years. I have developed bumps on my penis under the skin, that never go away, not sure what they are. arent painful or anything.

I do work, but its always so hard to get up in the morning and go, always so very tired. But i manage to get up and go, but im irritable for a while.

I never ONCE suggested or told the doctor about my sexual habits, i was always too ashamed, and it seemed they all thought i was crazy anyways, so why would i bring that up?

I always has a suspicion that my over masturbating was creating this problem.
I first heard about sexual exhaustion a week ago, and since then i have not masturbated once. I haven’t even had a libido to be honest, and haven’t even had an erection.

For the past while i’ve noticed i can get an erection fine, but isnt’s not very hard, and orgasms do not feel that great at all.

My problems are really hurting me now (mentally). im sick of not being myself, not being able to think, imagine things, and all that good stuff.

The longest i’ve gone without masturbating is 18 days, and i didnt notice any improvement back then (was in 2006 after i had the severe fatique episode).

I’m on day 8 now this time, and i hope i can keep this up.

I’m going to find a doctor that’ll actually listen to me and take the proper blood tests, and such.

Does it sound do you like I have SE? Or something else, or maybe a combination?



  1. BradrgaBradrga

    What it seems like is that you’re yet another dude suffering the consequences in your own, special way. It’s one of the reasons the medical association can bullshit us about this habit. “It’s normal and healthy.” No, it’s not. This is becoming more and more evident recently.

    Did you read my thread? A lot of similarities in symptoms, I think.

    If you go to MDs, they will observe your symptoms and link them to something or nothing else (as if they’re standalone) but never to masturbation. Why? They know they can make money off your condition in some way or another. It’s bullshit but it’s how it is. No one will tell you this. If they did, think of how much money would be lost as pertains to the sexual exhaustion branch of medicine.

    You’re probably in some sad, boring American suburb, aren’t you? Maybe worse: a metro area. You’re bored as fuck with your life and feel that you aren’t accomplishing anything. You measure your life by your shitty situations and bullshit people throw at you. If not, I’d be surprised. This is my situation.

    You have to get out of this and/or other similar shit. It’s self-destructive and it’s why you masturbate so much. It’s also why you feel like absolute shit after you do it. It has nothing to do with religion and/or guilt and/or a “normal response to a normal habit.”

    You’re on day 8, I’m on day 3. We need to keep this going or we’ll dig deeper holes. That’s the truth. No ifs ands or buts about it.

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