I’m 25 and have low sex drive and tight scrotum. My scrotum is tight even in hot weather and i didn’t notice much change to it when i was growing up. I have five full brothers and none of them have this problem. I was thinking it was something to do with testosterone cos I’m not hairy at all and all my brothers are.

I went to see my dr. for a blood test for testosterone the test come back and he said my test levels are ok.

Is there any over blood test i should get dun like hgh or estrogen?

I read on another site that my estrogen levels could be high if I’ve drank a lot of alcohol and i have so i was going to get a test dun for that next.




  1. Uber

    I must say that a lack of sex drive and scrotum tightness usually don’t go together. Guys with low testosterone and hgh are usually known to have their scrotum loose.

    Body hair is not influenced by testosterone but rather its metabolite DHT so you’re looking at all the wrong places for now. If there’s a problem with your sex drive is not Testosterone related, especially if the tests turn it out ok.

    However, your problems could be related to a number of other issues or even certain mutations affecting one or more of your androgens.

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