So, I’ve been having a number of problems related to sexual exhaustion. I’ve found out my testosterone levels are on the low end, my energy has gone down the drain, my erections can’t be achieved by thought alone, my concentration and confidence is gone, ear buzzing occurs, and I feel generally sick.

I’ve noticed that these feelings intensify significantly if I watch porn or masturbate. If I ejaculate is even worse for days on end.

I do believe I need to address all the issues but was wondering what’s the best way to boost my capabilities and get rid of the exhaustion. Increasing testosterone I consider the key here but I know I also need to boost hgh and the other androgens for balanced reaction.

So, what do you guys recommend?

PS I really need to improve the condition soon because my long distance girlfriend is coming to town soon.


  1. dieselfitdieselfit

    For sexual enhancement and performance I highly recommend Horny Goat Weed by Pro Labs. It has a blend of ingredients which will improve your sperm count as well as your hard ons. If you can’t get that supplement itself, look at the ingredient blend and you will have a good idea of what you should get. The bottle only costs $10 for a 30 day supply.

    Other very well working supplements are actually from this site. Multi-Alpha is the best multi vitamin for increasing basically all the androgens. Alpha-HGH works like magic for hGH. Alpha-Boost has tribulus and dhea which I’ve also found to work well for me.

  2. Titouan

    Again, I have to suggest trying Rutin and Soya Lecithin together. They both affect ones blood flow and strengthen micro blood vessels. Effects start to show in two days and come more prominent over time. And don’t be scared about soya in lecithin, this one does definitely not decrease libido, and for nice bonus it makes your ejaculation volume considerably bigger. Also gingko biloba and ginseng affect blood flow and can be for some assistance but not as much for me. Also dont use these supplements if you are on any heart or blood medications.

  3. Francisco23

    I don’t particularly take sexually enhancing supplements, but i find that when i take Ginkgobiloba for improve of blood flow to my brain, that it actually affects my sex drive as well. It always increases my urges and renews my drive.

  4. dieselfitdieselfit

    Also remember to avoid taking Viagra and other drugs that are chemically processed and made from artificial sources. You might get too dependent on it and it does not do anything for actual sexual desire or testosterone.

  5. dieselfitdieselfit

    Don’t start with anything unless it’s from mother nature and it involves your own body. Meaning that you should have a healthy diet and a exercise to perform on a regular basis. We never spoiled ourselves with the technology that we have today and the food is just destroying our bodies. You’re naturally built to improve physically and mentally. Take advantage of what your body can do and let it excel it’s limits, everything else will follow. Some supplements date back to thousands of years ago and were used by the ancient Chinese. Others are more recent but very well put together, like blends of vital vitamins and amino acids. It all boils down to quality.

    I never agree with supplements that are synthetically made and have artificial ingredients. Always go for natural and stick to mother nature’s diet of fiber, protein and carbohydrates!

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