I dont know why I did it and yet again I failed hard! I mean …. I didnt even feel aroused and yet my brain searched for masturbation, porn, and excitement. I gave in just for a brief moment and it turned into an hour long hardcore session while barely keeping my dick erect!!

This is not normal and I cant accept it! I feel so bad and guilty after each failure and I know the next couple of days are gonna be sucky because I would feel cowardly again.

Really the worse my exhaustion gets the harder is to abstain. This is so ironic. Thanks for the support just wanted to share my moment of frustration and hopefully look at the very same topic before I do it again.



  1. lloll_man

    It is very difficult indeed. I have only once tried to abstain and couldn’t do it at all. I can also relate to the guilt after masturbating, it’s like I have raped myself and my core. Nevertheless, I knew it is hard to abstain and didn’t even start trying. Keep your head high!

  2. Strykstar

    Time to pick yourself up and start working towards your goal all over again!

  3. markoali

    Don’t give up.
    Try again.

    Failure is just an obstacle you have to beat in order to achieve your goal!

    Keep going, start over, do whatever it takes! ;D

  4. BradrgaBradrga

    I know how hard it is. In fact, I just relapsed again today. It truly sucks.

  5. JObbo_

    I have that sometimes true. I just search for excitement and the porn is the first to come. Better distract yourself with physical activities or video games. But if you decide to go for the video games make sure it is intense ones that require your full attention so you won’t eventually get bored and try to touch yourself or something.

  6. richardngesa

    The most common thing that you need to guard is your eye! Have a no view of x rated content and you will be on a good start.

  7. PikeFTW

    We’ve all failed it numerous times. I seriously can’t remember a single guy that has not reported failing at least 5-10 times. I myself have failed at least 50 times!
    The only thing you can do is keep strong and try again! GL!

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