i had no problems with my penis,and i rarely masturbated (maybe 5 times /year),and my sex life was OK,but after reading that kegels will make my penis stronger i decided to do some kegels.i did about 50 reps/day,i started to get clear results after 2 days of exercising(really hard erections).i also started to use contracting my PC muscle during masturbation to control ejaculation ( i think this is when i put excessive pressure on my penis and nerves).after 1 week,i abruptly started to have incomplete erections and a tendency to very rapid ejaculation.

now i have a constant tingling sensation in my perineum,and very light pain near my anus.i still have feeling in my penis and groin area, only i am extremely sensitive to physical stimulation.what did i break?

1)my corpus cavernosus?
2)my penile nerves?

i wonder if it is the nerves,will they heal back (provided i do not harm them any more),because i read all over the net that they don’t.will i have to stand on my head to avoid harming my penile nerves,or simply abstaining from harmful forms of sex will be enough?

/Space Billy/


  1. BulkIT

    It’s probably nothing that serious. The external penile nerves and corpus cavernosum should not be injured. The PC muscles themselves are another story.

  2. ObTon

    Here we go again. The usual rookie mistake of overtraining your PC muscles. This thing is poison to your tissues and whoever told you it is good for you doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    The good news is the damage should be contained to your PC muscles (overtaining and inflammation) and possibly a slight prostatic inflammation. Maybe a slight nerve damage as well (the ones going through the PC muscles).

    Don’t do it ever again if you value your sexual health.

  3. Universal

    I’d definitely go for the nerves.. let them rest, slight nerve injuries are known to regenerate very well.

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