Hi guys,

I’m really glad that you finally made a forum. Anyway, I’ve written to the doctor but no answer for now and I hope someone will shed some light on the issue. About a month ago I experimented with jelqing exercises. I’m not entirely sure what I did but I seemed to pull it too hard and suffered loss of sexual sensation in the shaft. After that I commenced to masturbate vigorously and for multiple times in one day – 8 times (I know :o) I even ‘humped’ the bed.

My last ejaculation brought a little pain in my groin, and the next thing I know my penis had retracted terribly into my body and was cold to touch. I struggled to get any spontaneous erections after that. I went to my GP and he is absolutely perplexed.

My symptoms include:

– Stiff flaccid state
– Turtling of penis when walking
– Lack of spontaneous erections. Looking at porn helps, though
– Urinary incontinence
– Slight curvature to the side
– Diminished sensitivity and especially on the left top side
– Inability to maintain erection for normal periods



  1. Lemur2

    I really do think that “Ozone Therapy” may be a viable solution here. We should group up and try it out.

  2. Zokura

    Try ice cold wraps and cold baths for testosterone levels and to combat the internal inflammation.

  3. Hero

    Hey man I had similar experiences with that. Hate to bring it to you but you’ve injured your penis and currently experience minor nerve damage combined with a collagenic scar.

    I’d advise hot and cold temperature wraps alteration to promote nitric oxide and eventual healing. SR Cream works really well in reducing the inflammation and increasing the good prostaglandins and nitric oxide too.

  4. JoyR

    You should act fast man. I’ve had the same condition persist for about 2 years and it never really went away until I decided to pay it special attention. Yes you have collagen scarring and other tissue damage as you may imagine. What happens with time is that this collagen scar may get calcified and is then really difficult to be dissolved. You’d have to try 3 times harder for the same results and it takes forever. I had mine partially calcified (with calcified particles along the scar) and they were the last to go after a year of intensive therapy.
    So be fast about it. SR Cream is a must in this situations yes and it works really really well. Other main things are light massages and just temperature alterations as the other guys stated.

    1. JoeF

      Hello I am having the same problem that you had. The right side of my penis is almost limp and feels detached. Please help in any way possible?

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